Tabletop fire burner

Tabletop fire burner

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Place this free standing fireplace anywhere in the home where you want to add a little heat. The beauty of this ventless fireplace is that you don't need a chimney or gas or electric lines to make it work, and you can move this lightweight unit wherever you want your heat to go. It is fueled by clean burning, bio-ethanol. It will heat a few hundred square feet and displays a real flame. Place it anywhere you'd like to add a touch of heat and style.

Offered in the following colors: Red, Black, White & Stainless

Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 8" 
Product Weight: 7 Pounds 


Ventless - no chimney, no gas or electric lines required.
Easy or no maintenance required.
Tabletop - can be placed anywhere in your home.
Capacity: 0.4 Liter.
Burn Time: 2 Hours.

What's in the Box:

Tower Fireplace - 1pc.
Damper Tool - 1pc.
User's Manual - 1pc.

    Tabletop fire burner
    Tabletop fire burner
    Tabletop fire burner
    Tabletop fire burner